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admin May 16, 2024 0 Comments

Welcome our Newest Member:

ABMA is pleased to announce our newest member:

20 Warncke Rd.
Wilton, CT 06897

Website: simplicapital.ai

Primary Contact(s):
Rakesh Sahay (rakesh@simplicapital.ai)
Vivek Chaudhri (vivek@simplicapital.ai)

Member Type: Affiliate
Division: Supplier
Products: Software – Enterprise / IT / Custom

A message from Rakesh:

“Simplify your financial operations and generate more cash using AI. SimpliCapital’s automated platform dramatically reduces overdue receivables, optimizes bill payments, and accurately forecasts cash availability. With an integrated payment processing system, you will speed up AR collections while minimizing processing costs.

With over 100 users on SimpliCapital already, innovative companies like The CounterTop Factory have automated their financial operations, increased their on-time collections to over 90%, and built automated rolling cash forecasts.

Getting started is easy; it requires less than an hour of your time, and you can start saving with SimpliCapital in just a few days.”

Join us in welcoming Rakesh and Vivek to the ABMA family!