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Many Networking Opportunities

Members are invited to participate in any area of interest.

Education & Speakers

2:30-5:00p Concurrent Educational Workshops:

– Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace
– Data and Device Security
– Attracting Talent to Smaller Companies

Facilitated by the ABMA Emerging Leaders



“Artificial Intelligence Will Change… Everything”

Speaker: Michael Rogers

Cognitive computing is the latest and most potent expression of artificial intelligence. Software and robots can now learn from experience and then reason and act upon information–often coming up with insights that humans might not reach. Because they are “cloud-based”, these powerful thinking tools will be accessible even to small organizations and individuals. The result will be new efficiencies and surprising new intelligent services that will change the very nature of work and challenge us to identify what skills are uniquely human.

Michael Rogers is a best-selling author, technology pioneer and futurist, who also serves as futurist-in-residence for The New York Times. His consultancy Practical Futurist has worked with companies ranging from FedEx, Boeing and NBC Universal to Microsoft, Pfizer and Siemens, focusing on how companies can think about the future in useful ways. Rogers brings real business experience and a deep understanding of technology. He adds the keen eye of an investigative journalist and the story-telling skills of a best-selling novelist. With these tools he provides a powerful catalyst to help organizations create a vision of the future and the will to innovate, blending technology, economics, demographics, culture and human nature.

Face 2 Face Meetings



Attendees will participate in a pre-planned meeting schedule to allow for 15-minute scheduled conferences.

ABMA supplier meetings are from 8a-12:30p. Be sure to register early to schedule your meetings. Meeting Request Form will be released mid-February.

Supplier stays stationary at their table with chairs for visitors. Meetings cycle every 15 minutes. Scheduled format allows “power meetings” for higher-level discussions. People rotate as per their schedule.

Scheduled meetings are determined weeks in advance by using scheduling request form which can be accessed here: https://abma.org/convention/face-2-face/

Note that meeting selection process is never perfect. It is hard to accommodate all requests. This is why there are ample networking opportunities throughout the Convention, which allow people to meet regardless of their schedule.

Suppliers: Bring only what can fit on the table and this rule applies to everyone to keep things fair.

Suppliers Face 2 Face Contract and Policies

Allowed Items:

• Literature
• Tablecloths
• Price Sheets
• Tabletop Lit racks
• Counter Cards
• Sample products
• Laptop to stream video and share reporting

Items Not Allowed:

• Free Standing floor display
• Banner stands
• Large table top displays
• Wall hung displays