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Face 2 Face Meetings

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Attendees will participate in a pre-planned meeting schedule to allow for 15-minute scheduled conferences.

ABMA supplier meetings are from 8a-12:30p. Be sure to register early to schedule your meetings. Use the appropriate link above to request your appointments.

Suppliers will stay stationary at their table with chairs for visitors. Meetings cycle every 15 minutes. Scheduled format allows “power meetings” for higher-level discussions. People rotate as per their schedule.

Scheduled meetings are determined weeks in advance by using scheduling request form which can be accessed here. Note that the meeting selection process is never perfect. It is hard to accommodate all requests. This is why there are ample networking opportunities throughout the Convention, which allow people to meet regardless of their schedule.

Note that the Face-2-Face area will be restricted to Exhibitors and Manufacturers with appointments during that time (with the exception of Trade Press), and all attendees are prohibited from hosting private events during official ABMA meeting times.

Suppliers: Bring only what can fit on the table and this rule applies to everyone to keep things fair.

Suppliers Face 2 Face Contract and Policies

Allowed Items:

• Literature
• Tablecloths
• Price Sheets
• Tabletop Lit racks
• Counter Cards
• Sample products
• Laptop to stream video and share reporting

Items Not Allowed:

• Free Standing floor display
• Banner stands
• Large table top displays
• Wall hung displays

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