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Who we are

American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA): Our website address is:

At the American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA), we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of our visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that ABMA is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. In this Cookie Policy, we’ve provided lots of detailed information on when and why we collect information, how we use it, the limited conditions under which we may disclose it to others and how we keep it secure.


Our websites use cookies to collect information. Cookies are generally used to make a website easier and faster to use. This includes information about browsing and purchasing behavior by people who access our websites. This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and the customer journey around our websites. Detailed information is set out in our Cookie Policy.

What are cookies?

Like most websites, the ABMA website uses cookies to collect information. Cookies are small data files which are placed on your computer or other devices (such as smart ‘phones or ‘tablets’) as you browse this website. They are used to ‘remember’ when your computer or device accesses our website. Cookies are essential for the effective operation of our website and to help you complete transactions online.

Information Collected

Some cookies collect information about browsing and purchasing behavior when you access this website via the same computer or device. This includes information about pages viewed, products purchased and your journey around a website. We do not use cookies to collect or record information on your name, address or other contact details. ABMA can use cookies to monitor your browsing and purchasing behavior.

How are cookies managed?

The cookies stored on your computer or other device when you access our websites are designed by:

  • ABMA, or on behalf of ABMA, and are necessary to enable you to a make purchases on our website;
  • Third parties who participate with us to enable you to make purchases on our website.

What are cookies used for?

The main purposes for which cookies are used are:

  • Ensure all parts of the website requested by visitors work correctly and appear quickly.
  • Alert us whenever a page on the website or the entire website is slow and not working at all.
  • To display advertisements that may be more relevant and useful to you.
  • Analyze how visitors use our website, so that we can continually improve it by adding more information and services and making it easier to navigate and use.
  • To ensure that products you as a customer add to your shopping basket remain in your basket as you go through the checkout process, so you get what you pay for.
  • To remember you as a customer.
  • To allow customers and visitors to share our website content on social media and with friends.

Consent and cookies

Some cookies used by us are sent to your computer or mobile device as soon as the first page you view on our website is displayed. As a result we infer consent for these and other cookies if you use our website.

No personal information in cookies

None of the cookies we use contain or pass personal, confidential, financial information or any other information that could be used to identify individual visitors to the website.

Your shopping cart and cookies

If you buy a product from our website we use cookies to pass your contact details through the checkout process. We never request or store any financial details in this way. Your financial details are only ever passed using an encrypted and secure format from our secure payment page to your own bank for processing.

How do I disable cookies?

If you want to disable cookies you need to change your website browser settings to reject cookies. How you can do this will depend on the browser you use.

What happens if I disable cookies?

This depends on which cookies you disable, but in general the website may not operate properly if cookies are switched off. Using your browser settings you are free to disable cookies. If you only disable third party cookies, you will not be prevented from making purchases on our site. If you disable all cookies, you may be unable to complete a purchase on our site.

Changes to this Cookies Policy: The cookie policy shall be reviewed from time to time. The review date of the current Cookies Policy is October 14, 2022.