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Value Driven Membership Features

ABMA membership allows your organization to take advantage of the many special programs and features of the association; many of which may by themselves more than cover the entire return on your ABMA investment.

Over 150 manufacturers and suppliers attend the Annual Convention which features business and industry experts along with more than three days of networking opportunities.

ABMA members are organized into five Divisions, each representing a different segment of the industry: Broom & Mop, Industrial & Maintenance, Paint Applicator, Personal Brush and Supplier Divisions. Through networking, industry peers discover the challenges impacting their businesses are uniform to their segment of the market and beyond.

With membership in the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), ABMA members can do online learning at a time and place of their choice through NAM’s Virtual University. Also, the ABMA Educational Institute is offered at the Annual Convention.

Divisions provide detailed financial data from manufacturing organizations. Trends are developed for the overall industry and divisions. Wage surveys are also conducted, giving participants specific information on benefits, compensation and more.

ABMA is leading the way in creating safety standards for the design, care, and use of power brushes. Safety Slips are also sold to the industry to warn consumers of potential hazards in the design, care, and use of power brushes.
Volunteer committees generate ABMA’s projects. Members identify needs within the industry and create solutions.
ABMA provides members with resources to help them better understand the use of emerging technology throughout business and industry.

The association provides a Freight Discount Program. The Transportation Programs for Associations can help your company significantly reduce freight costs. We also provide an employee screening program through Business Research & Intelligence and a credit card merchant services program through Paymentech.

The ABMA’s membership includes about 80 manufacturers and 80 suppliers of roller, brush, broom and mop products. The Association provides the opportunity to talk with other manufacturers, who are not competitors, about operations, personnel trends and more.

ABMA’s membership in the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) provides members with a voice in Washington, DC as well as Regulatory Alerts and Legislative Calls to Action.

The Association publishes an online listing of member companies, phone and fax numbers, company personnel and product lines. All information is available in print format and also as a downloadable excel file. is an excellent resource for ABMA members as well as those in the brush industry looking for product and membership information. The Members Only section includes industry events, member news, business management techniques, association projects, leads exchange, e-commerce, classifieds, and more.

Members instantly expand their management team with a monthly bulletin highlighting trends and regulations in freight transportation. The ABMA Freight Shipping Manual is available for each member offering a resource on freight logistics and services. Moreover, answers to individual questions are just a telephone call away.

The Freight Bulletin is a monthly report providing an in-depth review of primary transportation and logistics events, as well as an analysis of the topic and a discussion of its impact along with projections and other commentary. Washington Update is a monthly briefing on regulatory and legislative activities inside the Beltway. Brush Up Monthly is an e-mailing that highlights current and topical events, happenings and issues.

ABMA provides a forum at the Annual Convention for industry suppliers to display their products in a trade show booth. This is a structured opportunity for manufacturers and suppliers to discuss new product developments, trends and marketing information. Each year about 60 member supplier companies participate in the event.

108th Annual Convention

March 25-28, 2025

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines
Austin, Texas

Where else can you meet with 50 customers and 50 suppliers all at the same time and in the same place; and in an environment conducive to actually getting some business accomplished?