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The revolution for sustainable toothbrushes
ZAHORANSKY EDGE enables efficient production of metal-free mono-material toothbrushes

In the oral care sector, the proportion of consumers who attach particular importance to sustainability and health and do not want to compromise on quality and a good mouthfeel is growing. Toothbrushes consisting of only one type of plastic are fully recyclable and offer manufacturers the opportunity to position themselves as an innovative, sustainable and strong brand among this consumer group “LOHAS” (Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability). ZAHORANSKY is now launching the revolutionary EDGE which for the first time enables toothbrush manufacturers to produce anchor-free mono-material toothbrushes efficiently and with a high degree of design freedom. 

“Since mono-material toothbrushes are made of the same plastic for handle, head and filaments and without a metal anchor, they are completely recyclable, particularly environmentally friendly and resource-saving,” says Kevin Eisemann, Head of Development Design at ZAHORANSKY, explaining the sustainability aspect of these products. But this is not the only added value for manufacturers. The new process for manufacturing single-material toothbrushes enables previously impossible slim head geometries. The result is more effective teeth cleaning thanks to better accessibility of the oral cavity and a more pleasant feeling in the mouth. The EDGE also scores highly in terms of space requirements and speed: an output of 30 toothbrushes per minute is possible on a footprint of just eleven square meters. The machine also impresses with its high level of automation, sophisticated safety concept and ergonomic design. “Our aim was to offer the oral care market a machine that enables the efficient production of innovative products with a focus on sustainability. With the EDGE, we have succeeded in doing just that,” says Eisemann.

Consumers who attach great importance to environmental and climate protection and a healthy lifestyle, now account for almost a third of the entire market. For them, sustainable production and high product quality are the most important factors when shopping, and they are also prepared to pay higher prices. When it comes to oral care, however, the choice has so far been very limited. While classic plastic toothbrushes are hardly recyclable due to the different materials used, wooden toothbrushes are rarely convincing in terms of hygiene and mouthfeel.

New dimensions in sustainability and hygiene
Mono-material toothbrushes without metal anchors, as can be produced highly efficient with the EDGE, are convincing in every respect: as they can be made entirely from the same type of plastic, including the filaments, and do not require a metal anchor in the brush head, they can be easily and completely recycled. Thanks to a new process in brush production, the EDGE also gives manufacturers previously unimaginable design freedom. With minimal head edge distances and head thicknesses, a better brushing result can be achieved. Hard-to-reach areas in the mouth can be reached easily. In terms of dental health, the mono-material toothbrushes produced with the EDGE also stand out from comparable products with their thermally joined filament bundles without cavities. These guarantee a hygienic toothbrush without saliva and water inclusions. The risk of germ or mold contamination of the oral cavity, gums and teeth is also reduced by not using wood or other natural materials.

Maximum efficiency and simplicity
The EDGE opens new opportunities for oral care companies to establish themselves as an innovative and sustainable brand in the LOHAS segment with environmentally friendly products. Thanks to the quality of the product and its high health and environmental standards, the price is then of secondary importance for the relevant target group. Thanks to the efficient production processes with high output and low installation and maintenance costs, the EDGE is a future-proof investment. ZAHORANSKY builds on decades of experience with machines for the production of anchor-free toothbrushes. Compared to these, however, the EDGE has been optimized in several key areas: Even at a production speed of 30 brushes per minute, the automatic feed mechanism for brush bodies and filaments means that human intervention is only occasionally required for refilling.

At the same time, the machine stands for maximum simplicity – from installation to maintenance. “The EDGE is designed to save space and can be preconfigured to such an extent that our technicians can set it up and put it into operation on site at the customer’s premises within a day at best. Operation is just as simple. Thanks to our ZMI 4.0 machine control system, everything can be conveniently controlled from a screen. And if something does need to be serviced or repaired, that’s no problem either. The clear LED displays on the housing show immediately where an inspection is required. All parts of the machine are quickly and ergonomically accessible and are also provided with unique article numbers, making them easy to reorder,” says Kevin Eisemann.

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