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🌿 Unveiling Ibiza’s Natural Wonders & A Peak at Our Keynote Speaker! 🏔️

👋 Hello, FEIBP Adventurers!
As we edge closer to our congress in Ibiza, it’s time to take a moment to appreciate the stunning natural landscape that surrounds us – not just the beautiful beaches, but also the lush countryside and hidden coves that make Ibiza a paradise for nature lovers.

🏝️ The Breathtaking Nature of Ibiza 🏝️
Ibiza may be famed for its vibrant nightlife, but it’s also a haven of natural beauty waiting to be explored. From the rustic charm of its pine-clad hills to the crystal-clear waters hugging its coastline, Ibiza offers a tranquil backdrop to our bustling congress schedule.

🏔️ Meet Our Keynote Speaker: Araceli Segarra 🏔️
In a delightful contrast to our serene island setting, we are thrilled to introduce Araceli Segarra – an extraordinary mountain climber, the first Spanish woman to reach the summit of Everest, and a prolific author. Her book, “Not that high and not that difficult,” mirrors the challenges we face, whether scaling towering peaks, navigating the complexities of business, or forging strong partnerships.

Araceli will guide us through mastering the seemingly insurmountable, reminding us that “no man/company is an island,” perfectly embodying the theme of our congress. Her insights promise to inspire and elevate our perspectives on overcoming challenges and enhancing cooperation.

📅 Reminder: Complete Your Reservations! 📅
Secure your spot at this unprecedented gathering:
• Book Your Congress Spot: FEIBP Congress Registration
• Secure Your Stay: Ensure your accommodations by emailing reservas@hoteltorredelmar.com and mention “64th CONGRESS FEIBP.” Booking through other platforms like Booking.com will result in higher rates.

🌟 A Congress Like No Other 🌟
Prepare to be captivated by Ibiza’s enchanting natural beauty and to be inspired by stories of resilience and teamwork from one of the world’s most accomplished climbers. This congress is not just an event; it’s an experience that will challenge, motivate, and unite us.
Looking forward to exploring both the heights and depths of what we can achieve together in Ibiza.

Warm regards,
Alessandro Acquaderni
President, FEIBP

P.S. Bring your spirit of adventure and prepare to be inspired not only by Ibiza’s natural beauty but also by the incredible journey and insights of Araceli Segarra. Let’s reach new heights together! 🌄