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How Many Brushes Do You Have?

ABMA Survey Concludes the Average Home Contains 38 Brushes

The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) recent survey results show the average home to contain 38.05 brushes.
ABMA Executive Director David Parr stated: “Brushes are typically the type of item that fly under the radar screen for most people. I think we greatly underestimate how much contact we have with brushes every day.” ABMA President Ian Moss added: “One would be amazed to think how our lives would be different were we to live in a world without brushes. No Rembrandt, no Van Gogh, your hair and teeth would look a fright and I don’t even want to think about the bathroom!”

The bathroom led the way with an average of over 7 brushes, followed by the garage, workshop, recreation storage areas and the kitchen all with between 4-5 brushes each. The average automobile has three brushes in it and it looks like you can be fairly certain if you open a purse you will find at least one brush inside.


ABMA undertook the survey as a way to answer a question long debated by members of the association. Mr. Parr remembers his father telling him many years ago the average household had 20 brushes, and this came up in conversation during a planning session for the association’s upcoming 100th anniversary. The results indicate that in the time from then until now, brushes have become even more prevalent in the average household, which is a good thing for the broom, brush, roller and mop industry.

“There is an important industry here manufacturing brushes and as a supplier to this industry, it is gratifying to see the strong number and variety of brush products in the home. Brushes do not get much public attention; however they play an important role in our everyday lives.”-said Dan Sinykin of Monterey Mills, a manufacturer of paint roller cover knit pile fabric and ABMA Suppliers Division Chair.

Brushes have been around for as long as man has been using tools. Brushes are used for cleaning, grooming, painting, surface finishing and for many other purposes. They can be tiny and they can be immense; come in all shapes and sizes and with an amazing assortment of bristles, filaments, pads, covers, and can be found just about everywhere in industrial, commercial, residential and personal use.

How many brushes do you have?