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Difficulties Hiring and Retaining Employees? Join us Oct. 20th

Mon October 17, 2022
Thursday October 20, 2022
1:00pm – 2:00pm EST (12-1p CST)
Presented by
Nicki McLeod
Executive Vice President

Tools for Leaders to Maximize Human Capacity and Impact Retention

“Vistage’s research shows 72 percent of small to midsize businesses believe hiring challenges are impacting their ability to operate at full capacity. The value of talent has skyrocketed because of scarcity, and employees have more power than ever before. As a result, retention has become one of the most important data points informing CEOs’ strategy.”

So what are you doing to maximize the human capacity in your business and impact retention? What tools are you providing to your leaders so they can influence these objectives?

At IN2GREAT, we equip leaders with systems to help them maximize the capacity of their team members. Using data and insight, these systems are designed to align roles and people, teams and objectives, and business strategy and talent strategy. Join Nicki McLeod on Thursday, October 20th as we discuss the current state of Leadership, Development, Retention and why focusing on people is your best strategy. Walk away with greater insights on why people behave the way they do and how this impacts communication, decision making and conflict.

As an example exercise, take this scientifically validated behavioral assessment used with leaders to help them gain a better understanding of their leadership, as well as those they lead. It only takes about 6 minutes to complete and you will receive a copy of your results automatically:

Register today and mark your calendar to participate in the Webinar on October 20th!

Visit: https://www.in2great.com for more info.
Nicki McLeod is the Executive Vice President of IN2GREAT and is currently co-authoring a book around the topic of creating clarity in leadership. Nicki McLeod is a certified Talent Optimization leader and a Master Certified PI trainer, with over 20 years of experience helping people discover their strengths and find right-fit scenarios for work and life. She is energized by solving problems and is passionate about strong leadership. She lives in Ohio with her husband of 27 years where they enjoy a variety of outdoor hobbies together.